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Speed Trailer Results

Speeding vehicles is the #1 complaint received from the citizens of our community. As a result, the Village of Weston has graciously funded the purchase of a radar speed trailer to help promote driving safety by increasing compliance with posted speed limits.

The Decatur Onsite 300 is designed with the following features:

  • Flashing speed sign when violators are approaching.
  • Posted sign with actual posted speed limit.
  • Traffic counter, indicates how many vehicles passed unit.
  • Speed monitor, indicates several speed observations.
  • Traffic data collection computer.
  • When we receive complaints regarding speeding vehicles, we will place the speed trailer into that neighborhood as soon as possible, and it will remain in place as long as necessary to remind motorists to slow down. The computer generated data will then be analyzed to help us better respond to the neighborhood for traffic enforcement efforts.

    To request placement of the speed trailer in your neighborhood, please complete the online request form here. Requests will be given priority by date received.

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