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Winter Parking

As we all know, if we have lived in Wisconsin for very long at all, with the changing of the season we get the geese migrating south, the leaves turning colors and falling, and soon the white stuff will begin to pile up. And with the accumulation, comes the unique challenges of cleaning up the mess.

Each of the municipalities we serve, have their own set of ordinances dealing with over night parking and emergency snow removal. For your convenience, we have provided a link to each posted below. Please take a little time to familiarize yourself with the set of regulations that apply to you, and let's work together to make getting around easier for all. Thank you.

  • City of Schofield
  • Village of Weston
  • Town of Weston
  • Summer Heat is On

    Summer Heat

    Beginning Monday, July 1 and continuing through Wednesday, July 17, 2013 the Everest Metro Police Department will be participating in the NHTSA sponsored "Summer Heat" campaign. Additional Everest Metro police officers will be on patrol throughout this time frame, with the objective of detecting and citing motor vehicle operators who are not complying with posted speed limits and/or who are not wearing their safety belts. State law allows law enforcement to stop a vehicle when the driver or passengers are observed not wearing a safety belt. The Everest Metro Police Department is committed to improving traffic safety in our community by increasing compliance with traffic laws through education and enforcement. Although law enforcement efforts are an important part of public safety, we rely heavily on the cooperation of motor vehicle operators to be aware of and to follow all traffic laws. The Everest Metro Police Department supports the "Zero In Wisconsin" campaign and believes that we all can make a difference. Please remember to "buckle up", observe posted speed limits, and drive safely. By focusing on proactive approaches to enforcing the speed limit, drunk driving and safety belt laws, we will give an all out effort to save lives and reduce the number of traffic deaths and injuries annually in our community and in Wisconsin. Our goal is not to issue more traffic citations. Our goal is to reduce the number of preventable traffic deaths to zero in Wisconsin.

    Everest Metro Canine Program welcomes Aron to the team

    Beginning in December 2012, with the anticipated retirement of our police canine, Lord, we started fund raising for a replacement canine, the related equipment, ongoing maintenance, and training for a new canine handler, at an anticipated cost of $25,000.00. After numerous contributions from local businesses, residents, and DC Everest student fund raisers, as well as grants from the BA and Esther Greenheck Foundation, of Wausau, and the K9s4COPs Foundation of Houston, Texas, we have secured the necessary funds, acquired a new canine, and sent the new handler through training, which will be completed May 17.

    You are cordially invited to attend a planned media event we are hosting at the Weston-Schofield Municipal Courtroom, 5301 Mesker St, in the Village of Weston, on May 23, 2013 at 10:00 am. We will be publicly acknowledging our donors to the EMPD Canine Program and giving you an opportunity to meet our retiring canine Lord and his partner, Sgt Robert Dickerson, as well as meet the newest addition to our team, Aron, and his partner Officer Matthew Krembs. We look forward to seeing you then.

    Support for this project has been provided by the BA and Esther Greenheck Foundation, and...

    K9s4COPs at WWW.K9s4COPs.org




    Latest Traffic Enforcement Wave

    To combat drunken driving and increase safety belt use, Everest Metropolitan Police will intensify its traffic safety enforcement from March 4 to 20, which includes the St. Patrick’s Day weekend. The increased enforcement is funded with a grant from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s (WisDOT) Bureau of Transportation Safety. “During the St. Patrick’s Day mobilization and throughout the year, we are striving to prevent motorists from killing and injuring themselves and others on our roadways. Although we’re trying to increase voluntarily compliance with traffic laws—not to write more tickets or make more arrests—we will take enforcement action if voluntary compliance fails,” says Capt Mark Hull. “We are serious about traffic safety enforcement because far too many needless deaths and serious injuries are caused by drunken driving and not wearing safety belts. Because even one preventable traffic fatality is one too many, our goal is to reduce preventable traffic deaths to zero in Wisconsin.” In time for the St. Patrick’s Day weekend, WisDOT’s Zero In Wisconsin traffic safety campaign is launching a free “Drive Sober” app for smart phones beginning March 7. This new app includes: • A location-specific list for contacting nearby taxi and mass transit services for a safe ride home, • A blood alcohol content (BAC) estimator, • A designated driver selector, • And other features to help everyone avoid a drunken driving arrest—or even worse—a tragic crash. A free download of the app is available online by visiting: http://www.zeroinwisconsin.gov

    K9 Program: Lord set to retire in 2013 and donation funding for a replacement has begun

    The initial cost of dog is $16,000 - $24,000, which includes the initial training. Like our current dog, the new dog will be funded only through community donations and must have a zero impact on the department budget. Our current K-9, Lord, has approximately 2100 deployments and has contributed to numerous arrests, apprehensions and seizures. The dog is one of the departments most valuable and utilized tools. The Patrol K-9 does the following: Narcotics Detection, Building Searches, Area Searches, Article Searches, Tracking, Officer Protection and Criminal Apprehension. The K-9 is also responsible for providing many community demonstrations. The new K-9 will be a Belgian Malinois or German Shepherd breed, which have proved to be excellent working dogs and will have a working life of 8-11 years. We appreciate the community support for the K-9 program and look forward to continuing this important service. To donate or if you have any questions, please contact the Everest Metro Police Department and ask to speak with Sergeant Rob Dickerson or Officer Matt Krembs at (715) 359-4202. Your donation will be greatly appreciated. All donations are 100% tax deductable. Thank you in advance for your support!

    Booze and Belts Enforcement Wave

    From December 7 through December 16, 2012, the Everest Metropolitan Police Department participated in the State of Wisconsin's Booze and Belts enforcement wave, placing extra squad cars on the road to heighten enforcement of speeding, seatbelt and drunk driving events. The extra units were funded by a grant from Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

    Drunk Driving

    During this period, EMPD Officers made 5 arrests for drunk driving. This does not take in to account the 2 additional arrests made less than a week prior to the start of the enforcement wave.

    Of the 156 citations and warnings issued during these 10 days, there were 13 issued to individuals for driving without a valid driver's license.

    In regard to the other targeted offenses, speeding and unused seatbelts, EMPD Officers ticketed 16 individuals for not wearing a seatbelt, and 35 for speed.

    What can't be measured is the countless number of citizens that were protected from injury by the enforcement against these risky behaviors.

    Stay safe for your family this holiday season. Slow down, buckle up and most of all don't drink and drive.

    EMPD Hosts DARE Car Media Event

    EMPD DARE Car Event

    On July 12, 2012, at about 10:00 am, the Everest Metropolitan Police Department Hosted a Media Event to dedicate the new DARE Car into service, and to thank all those who supported the project with a variety of donations, financially and with the personal sacrifice of time and effort. Channel 9 News was also present.

    EMPD DARE Car Event The ceremony included an address by Chief of Police Wally Sparks, and the presentation of plaques to Handrick Towing and On-Q Collision, without whom this project would never have happened. The presentation was made by DARE Officer Leah Long.

    EMPD DARE Car Event The ceremony was followed by a cake and coffee reception in the lobby area of the Municipal Court.

    Thanks again for all who donated to support this project and the continuing education effort in our schools.

    The EMPD gains a new DARE Car

    EMPD DARE Car The Everest Metropolitan Police Department, in conjunction with Handrick Towing and OnQ Collision, will be hosting a local media event to publicly display our newly acquired DARE vehicle, and to thank the many business and individual supporters that helped to make it possible. This event will be taking place at the Everest Metropolitan Police Department campus, 5303 Mesker St, Weston, on July 12, at about 10:00 am, and is open to any and all interested in attending. Come and help us celebrate this new addition to the DARE program.

    Personnel Changes and Additions

    Long time employee, friend, and EMPD family member, Karen Woodward, announced her retirement in December, leaving a gaping hole in the hearts and the front office of the Police Department. We wish Karen all the best in her well deserved retirement and we will miss her greatly.

    The Everest Metro Police Department welcomes Carrie Hockerman to the clerical position vacated by this retirement, and we look forward to many years of service from this excellent addition to our family. Carrie comes to us after 12 years of dedicated work in the Women's Community, where she showcased her abilities primarily as a victim advocate. Carrie has demonstrated amazing organizational skills, as well as a heart for people, both gifts of which will now benefit the citizens of the Metro area.

    Congratulations to Rob Dickerson, our newest Patrol Supervisor and Sergeant, a promotion that was annonced Friday, April 27, 2012, after the approval of the Police Commission in thier April 26 meeting. You may know Rob as the EMPD K9 Officer and member of the Marathon County Multijurisdictional SWAT Team. Rob's knowledge of tactics and patrol procedure, as well as his continuous research of legal issues, both statutory and case law, will make him a valuable asset to the patrol division and the department as a whole in his new position.

    The Wall comes to the Wausau Metro Area

    Veterans Memorial The VietNam Veterans Memorial, also known as The Wall, will be coming to the Wausau Metro Area June 20-24, 2012. It will be set up at the VFW,at 388 River Drive in the City of Wausau. If you haven't viewed the Travelling Wall in awhile, in addition to the 3/4 scale version of the permanent Washington DC Memorial, you will find the addition of a 9-11 Memorial featuring the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, and a memorial to Public Safety employees, Policemen and Fire Fighters. On Friday, June 22, there will be displays set up by each of your local Police And Fire Departments, including special vehicles and equipment. If you are looking for something different to do with your family on this early summer day, stop by and visit the Memorial and support your local Public Safety officials.


    The Everest Metro Police Department and the Communities of Schofield and Weston would like to welcome our two new additions to our Law Enforcement family, and introduce them to you.

    Matt Krembs began his career in public safety in the Appleton area where he was a Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician. Matt began his Law Enforcement career with the Wausau Police Department where he served for the past three years. Matt is a Weston resident and is glad to now work in and serve the community in which he lives.

    Kou Moua is a bit newer to Law Enforcement,having most recently worked as a Reserve Deputy for Marathon County Sheriff's Department. This will be her first full-time Law Enforcement position. Kou is a graduate of D C Everest High School, and grew up in Weston, and continues to live and now serve in the Village she calls home.

    If you see them out and about, take a moment to welcome them to our family.


    Everest Metro participated with other area police departments, the Marathon County Alcohol and Other Drug Partnership (AOD) Council, Northcentral Technical College, the Marathon County Tavern League, and local tavern owners to update the Responsible Beverage Server Training program at NTC, and to develop an additional Law Enforcement Alcohol Server Training (LEAST) program. Both of these programs are designed to educate servers and develop good working relationships between servers and law enforcement, reduce the misuse of alcohol, reduce problems at licensed establishments, and hopefully keep the community safer through responsible beverage service.

    Community Efforts to Combat Speeding

    Everest Metro acknowledges that the public needs to be made more aware of the dangers of speeding. If speeding is to be combated more effectively, we would have to devote increased resources to better enforcement, including more law enforcement officers to patrol the roads to target aggressive speeding drivers. The Everest Metro Police will increase speed reduction efforts by utilizing the 3E’s strategy namely Education, Enforcement, and Empowerment. It is however the drivers responsibility to obey the traffic speed laws to ensure everyone's safety.


    The following online forms have been added to our website:

  • Police Services Survey
  • Vacant Home Check Request
  • Officer Recogniton
  • Extra Patrol Request
  • Anonymous Tip

    A Traffic Violation Complaint Form is a new addition to the website. Using this form, you can notify us of traffic concerns or problems in your neighborhood.

    A complaint log will be maintained and shared with patrol personnel, who will investigate the nature of the problem. If an assessment of the problem area indicates the need for heightened traffic enforcement, officers will undertake appropriate action to address the problem.

    We take your traffic complaints seriously, and will work diligently to address them.


    Speeding vehicles is the #1 complaint received from the citizens of our community. As a result, the Village of Weston has graciously funded the purchase of a radar speed trailer to help promote driving safety by increasing compliance with posted speed limits.

    The unit is designed with the following features:
    * Flashing speed sign when violators are approaching.
    * Posted sign with actual posted speed limit.
    * Traffic counter, indicates how many vehicles passed unit.
    * Speed monitor, indicates several speed observations.
    * Traffic data collection computer.

    When we receive complaints regarding speeding vehicles, we will place the speed trailer into that neighborhood as soon as possible, and it will remain in place as long as necessary to remind motorists to slow down. The computer generated data will then be analyzed to help us better respond to the neighborhood for traffic enforcement efforts.

    To request placement of the speed trailer or monitoring board in your neighborhood, please complete the online request form here. Requests will be given priority by date received.


    Everest Metro PD is participating in a county wide program to provide citizens a place to drop off old prescriptions and medications, including controlled narcotic drugs so they can be properly disposed of and not wind up in the local landfills or municipal water supplies. Wausau PD, Everest Metro PD and Rothschild PD have volunteered to host drop boxes at each department.

    A post office style drop box will be placed into the PD lobby and local pharmacists have volunteered their time to sort these medications so they can be routed to the appropriate disposal facility. This proactive, environmentally friendly program officially opened on January 4, 2010. more


    The Marathon County Sexual Abuse Intervention Team has developed guidelines to help coordinate response efforts to all victims of sexual assault in Marathon County. The goal is to provide victims of sexual assault with timely and effective services so that they can recover from the mental and physical harm caused by these incidents. more

    To protect our citizen's right to be free from criminal attack and be secure in their homes and possessions. The Everest Metropolitan Police Department will utilize all means at its disposal to accomplish this mission.

    We are committed to these principles:

    INTEGRITY We have integrity.
    We adhere to the highest moral and ethical standards. We are honest and sincere in dealing with each other and the community. We have the courage to uphold these principles and are proud that they guide us in all we do.

    FAIRNESS We act with fairness.
    Objective, impartial decisions and policies are the foundation of our interactions. We are consistent in our treatment of all persons. Our actions are tempered with reason and equity.

    RESPECT We show respect.
    We recognize the value of our unique cultural diversity and treat all people with kindness, tolerance, and dignity. We cherish and protect the rights, liberties, and freedoms of all as granted by the constitutions and laws of the United States and the State of Wisconsin.