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Neighborhood Watch

What is Neighborhood Crime Watch?

Neighborhood Crime Watch is the joining of forces by police and citizens to reduce and prevent crime in your neighborhood. We ask you to be the eyes and the ears of your police department. Today, everyone must be a little suspicious. More importantly, citizens must be concerned about their neighbors as well as themselves. We do not live in a vacuum – what affects your neighbor today may well affect all of us tomorrow.

Neighborhood Crime Watch teaches members what suspicious activity is and how to report that activity when it is observed as well as how to effectively describe suspicious persons and vehicles.

Neighborhood Crime Watch programs are not just for crime ridden areas. Neighborhood Crime Watch is an excellent tool to help prevent crime from getting a start. The criminal element of any community quickly becomes aware of areas which are just to risky for their activities. Conversely, once a neighborhood is known as “easy” or “productive” the same persons will return again and again. In this situation, “an ounce of prevention” is definitely worth a “pound of cure”. It is a much better use of police time and taxpayers dollars to try to prevent crime than attempting to solve it after the fact.

Help us respond to suspicious or criminal activity in your neighborhood by submitting an Extra Patrol Request. "Reporting" is the first step in assisting us reduce and prevent crime in your neighborhood.

How do I start a Neighborhood Crime Watch Group in my neighborhood?

Contact Community Service Officer at 715-359-4202 for details.

To protect our citizen's right to be free from criminal attack and be secure in their homes and possessions. The Everest Metropolitan Police Department will utilize all means at its disposal to accomplish this mission.

We are committed to these principles:

INTEGRITY We have integrity.
We adhere to the highest moral and ethical standards. We are honest and sincere in dealing with each other and the community. We have the courage to uphold these principles and are proud that they guide us in all we do.

FAIRNESS We act with fairness.
Objective, impartial decisions and policies are the foundation of our interactions. We are consistent in our treatment of all persons. Our actions are tempered with reason and equity.

RESPECT We show respect.
We recognize the value of our unique cultural diversity and treat all people with kindness, tolerance, and dignity. We cherish and protect the rights, liberties, and freedoms of all as granted by the constitutions and laws of the United States and the State of Wisconsin.