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K9 Program: A Changing of the Guard

Hable takes over as Canine Handler

With the resignation of Canine Handler Matt Krembs in late 2016, the EMPD began a search for a replacement. Officer Matt Hable took the opportunity which required six weeks of training at Vohne Liche Kennels in Peru, Indiana. Attending in January through March, Matt and Aron proved to be the “Rock Stars” in the class, as Aron’s experience shined. Officer Hable and Aron will continue to prove to be a huge asset for the Everest Communities, as well as the whole Wausau and Marathon County Metro Area. Their first vehicle contact after returning from training resulted in a drug seizure. Congratulations to Officer Hable and Aron for their ongoing success.

Kwik Trip Donation

On April 27, Kwik Trip opened a new location at 7605 Schofield Av in the Village of Weston. In accordance with long standing company policy, they made donations to local organizations to show their support of the community. As one of those organizations, they chose the Everest Metro Police Canine Program, which is completely funded by community donation. Funding in this way eliminates impact on the department budget and the local tax paying citizens.

Pictured from left to right are Chief of Police Wally Sparks, Store Manager Jeremy Schmidt, Assistant Store Manager Shari Lipscomb and Canine Officer Matt Krembs, with his partner Aron.

Behind them can be seen Don and Lavonne Zietlow, the founders of the Kwik Trip national chain, and their Grandson, Carl Rick, part of the three generations of owners and corporate managers.

The Everest Metro Police Department thanks the Zietlow family and their extended Kwik Trip family for this generous donation.

Aron Tracks a Fleeing Felon

A man wanted on several felony warrants is in custody after a short manhunt with a strange ending in Weston Thursday evening. It all started at about 7:30 when Kronenwetter police pulled the suspect over at the corner of Shorey and Camp Philips Rd. But he ran off. Police say Aron, Everest Metro PD's new K9 officer went to work searching for him and zeroed in on a house on Birch St, only about 500 feet from where the traffic stop was made. Police discovered the suspect had been invited to the house when the man who lives there spotted him on his deck. The two were actually drinking water together. The suspect, 24-year old Matthew Dupleasis, was taken into custody without further incident. ________________________________________ WSAW NEWS

View the video of the news story at:

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  • Everest Metro Canine Program welcomes Aron to the team

    Beginning in December 2012, with the anticipated retirement of our police canine, Lord, we started fund raising for a replacement canine, the related equipment, ongoing maintenance, and training for a new canine handler, at an anticipated cost of $25,000.00. After numerous contributions from local businesses, residents, and DC Everest student fund raisers, as well as grants from the BA and Esther Greenheck Foundation, of Wausau, and the K9s4COPs Foundation of Houston, Texas, we have secured the necessary funds, acquired a new canine, and sent the new handler through training, which will be completed May 17.

    You are cordially invited to attend a planned media event we are hosting at the Weston-Schofield Municipal Courtroom, 5301 Mesker St, in the Village of Weston, on May 23, 2013 at 10:00 am. We will be publicly acknowledging our donors to the EMPD Canine Program and giving you an opportunity to meet our retiring canine Lord and his partner, Sgt Robert Dickerson, as well as meet the newest addition to our team, Aron, and his partner Officer Matthew Krembs. We look forward to seeing you then.

    Support for this project has been provided by the BA and Esther Greenheck Foundation, and...

    K9s4COPs at:

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    Lord set to retire in 2013 and donation funding for a replacement has begun

    The initial cost of dog is $16,000 - $24,000, which includes the initial training. Like our current dog, the new dog will be funded only through community donations and must have a zero impact on the department budget. Our current K-9, Lord, has approximately 2100 deployments and has contributed to numerous arrests, apprehensions and seizures. The dog is one of the departments most valuable and utilized tools. The Patrol K-9 does the following: Narcotics Detection, Building Searches, Area Searches, Article Searches, Tracking, Officer Protection and Criminal Apprehension. The K-9 is also responsible for providing many community demonstrations. The new K-9 will be a Belgian Malinois or German Shepherd breed, which have proved to be excellent working dogs and will have a working life of 8-11 years. We appreciate the community support for the K-9 program and look forward to continuing this important service. To donate or if you have any questions, please contact the Everest Metro Police Department and ask to speak with Sergeant Rob Dickerson or Officer Matt Krembs at (715) 359-4202. Your donation will be greatly appreciated. All donations are 100% tax deductable. Thank you in advance for your support!

    Officer Dickerson & Lord

    With the 2005 hire of Officer Robert Dickerson, Everest Metro was fortunate to acquire his K-9  companion...Lord. The Everest Metro K-9 program is starting for a lot less than it would normally cost. "When  all said and done, we estimate that it's going to cost $15,000 to $18,000 for the entire program," said former Chief Dan Vergin. "We're saving about $20,000 plus the time it would take to send somebody to get trained. "It's not something we planned," he added. "But it's a unique opportunity, and we're going to capitalize on it." The department received several donations from area businesses to help defray the dog's $6,000 price tag.

    Lord - a Belgian Malinois (pronounced MAL-in-wah) is a medium size dog of exceptional beauty and working ability used often in police work. Lord is young for a police dog, but Dickerson said that he's well trained and will probably serve the force for 10 years. "He's a patrol canine," he said. "Lord does drug tracking, building search, area search, officer protection and apprehension. He does so many things and he does them well."

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